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French classic brand Christian Dior is very popular among women. Who can resist its exquisite and elegant handbags? This time I will introduce to you 5 popular Dior handbags, many of which are classics among Dior classics. Dior has adjusted its prices twice within a year, and it will only become more expensive in the future. Friends who are interested should get it as soon as possible.


1. Christian Dior Book Tote Dior



The canvas bag is decorated with classic blue oblique embroidery, which is casual yet elegant. It comes in a variety of sizes and is suitable for hand-carrying or shoulder-carrying. It is a fashion item worn by many celebrities.

2. Christian Dior Saddle Bag (Medium/Mini)


The Dior saddle bag has a unique shape and is matched with the Dior logo pattern, which is retro and versatile. Saddle bags were all the rage during the millennium and are a fashion icon. Dior relaunched the saddle bag in 2018, making the saddle bag popular in the fashion circle again.

3. Christian Dior Lady Dior


Dior Lady Dior is believed to be a classic of Dior. It is neat, with leather design, noble and elegant. Even Princess Diana of the British royal family often carried it to attend events, which shows the charm of Lady Dior.

4. Christian Dior Lady Dior D-Joy



Lady Dior D-joy is an extension of Lady Dior. It is laterally lengthened from the square shape of Lady Dior and equipped with a detachable metal shoulder strap, allowing for more matching styles.


5. Christian Dior Caro Bag



The Dior Caro bag has classic cannage stitching and a metal rotating twist buckle with the brand's abbreviation "CD", which is stylish and noble. The leather chain shoulder strap can also be replaced with an embroidered strap for a variety of styles.

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