2023 CELINE Celine classic handbags promotion

2023 CELINE 賽琳 經典手袋推介 - LondonKelly 英國名牌代購

    Celine's unique simple design is intellectual and high-quality. In recent years, it has invited Blackpink Lisa to become the brand spokesperson, causing Celine's already best-selling products to be out of stock, which shows the popularity of Celine bags. Here are 5 classic Celine styles.

    1. Celine Triomphe Arc de Triomphe bag

    Celine Triomphe bag is a must-have for many female stars. Its simple design and golden double C buckle make it noble and elegant. Celine Triomphe bags come in a variety of sizes to suit women of different body shapes.

    2. Celine Triomphe canvas Ava underarm bag

    Celine underarm bags have become a hot trend in recent years. Blackpink Lisa has carried the Ava bag to events many times. The small half-moon bag is exquisite and versatile, making underarm bags hard to find.

    3. Celine Tote Bag

    In addition to launching new handbags, Celine creative director Hedi Slimane has also made adjustments to classic styles. The Celine mini straight tote bag has also been relaunched. Durable calfskin and a detachable shoulder strap make it a dual-use bag, making it a must-have for bourgeois women.

    4. Celine Tabou Clutch lock shoulder bag

    The semi-elliptical silhouette, metal locks, and shoulder strap design can be used as a shoulder bag or armpit bag. The simple design is suitable for work wear.

    5. Celine Folco Backpack

    The Celine Mini Presbyopia Backpack is cute and practical. The presbyopia leather and drawstring design give the bag a retro feel. It is an evergreen model of the Celine brand and will never go out of style.


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