2023 summer big-name straw bag recommendations

Summer is coming, the weather is getting hotter, and of course, sunshine, beaches and outdoor activities are indispensable. The straw bag Raffia Bag is a popular choice in summer. It is woven from plants and is natural and fresh. It is a must-have item for fashion celebrities when traveling in summer. The styles of straw woven bags have been simple and natural in the beginning, but in recent years they have become more refined and have a sense of design. The woven materials and colors, handle/shoulder strap materials or brand logo materials are all carefully matched to make the woven bag more versatile and can be used for other occasions. The following are recommended for everyonefamous namesStraw bag, ready for this summer.


1. Prada Small Raffia Tote Bag Small Raffia Tote Bag


In recent years, Prada's raffia bags have become popular with many celebrities. On Instagram, celebrities (Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, etc.) are often seen carrying this bag on vacation. The mini Prada raffia bag is more compact and exquisite, full of summer style, and comes in different color options, which is very easy to match.


2. Loewe Standard Raffia Tote bag (A4/ A5 Size)


Loewe's newly launched Tote Bag in 2023 is made of raffia fiber and comes in natural color with black or black with white decoration and contrasting LOEWE logo. It is simple, fresh and practical with a leather handle. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap for a versatile look.


3. YSL Kate 99 Raffia Chain Bag with Tassel tassel raffia handbag



YSL Kate 99 is named after British supermodel Kate Moss. The fringed raffia handbag is based on the existing clamshell leather bag and is woven with raffia. It is embellished with the metal YSL logo and chain tassels. It is casual yet elegant and retains personality.



4. YSL Raffia Sac Rond woven round bag


The round bag style has become very popular in recent years. It is small and exquisite, with a pleasing and fashionable appearance. The YSL Sac woven round bag has a unique style and exquisite weaving technology. It is made of pure hand crochet hollow weaving, providing various patterns for the bag.


5. Burberry Mini Freya tote Burberry Freya mini raffia Tote Bag



Burberry Freya Tote Bag has launched a mini version of straw woven style, woven with artificial raffia fiber and embroidered with the classic brand logo as a print, which is casual and elegant.


6. Chloe Small Woody Basket Chloe small straw bucket bag


I believe everyone is familiar with Chloe’s popular mini bucket straw bag. The classic woven bucket bag with leather shoulder strap is small, delicate and cute. It is an entry-level choice for straw bags.


7. Celine Teen Triomphe Palm Leave Leather Classic Panier



Celine Arc de Triomphe straw bag Celine Arc de Triomphe straw bag is very practical, with large space at the bottom and large capacity of the small bag. This bag is very friendly to small girls. It is small in size and large in capacity. It will not weigh down your height and affect the overall body proportions.


8. Celine Triomphe Palm Leaves Leather Nano Triomphe Panier



Celine Arc de Triomphe nano straw bag is a mini version of Celine Arc de Triomphe classic, which is more compact and cute.


9. Chloe Sense Medium Basket


Chloe Sense medium leather strap straw bag The Chloe Sense straw bag is a new product in 2023. It is hand-woven with raffia and equipped with smooth leather handles and the Chloe brand logo. It has a summery relaxed yet low-key luxury feel. .


10. Loewe Small Elephant Raffia Basket Bag

The combination of the Loewe elephant-shaped raffia hand-held blue Loewe elephant bag and the woven basket contains the classic elements of the two Loewe bags, becoming an innovative and cute unique style. Made of raffia fiber, in addition to its unique appearance, this bag also has a large capacity and is very practical.

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