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LOEWE Small Cubi Bag | Loewe Cubi Handbag (Small Size/Multicolor)

Brand: Loewe 羅意威

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✔ 100% 全新正貨代購
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Instructions for purchasing agents

Instructions for purchasing agents

100% genuine purchasing agent

LONDONKELLY will only sell 100% genuine products, and all boutiques will be purchased from British/European specialty stores, department stores, the brand's official website or offline specialty stores. If the customer has any doubts about the authenticity, we can provide free inspection service, but the cost of accompanying the inspection needs to be paid by himself.

We guarantee that all goods are 100% authentic. If you sell fake goods, we will return 200% of them.

Quality verification

During the purchasing process, each product will be checked to see if there is any problem at the time of purchase. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes with customers, we will take photos or videos of the products before sending them out as records. Guests will also receive relevant photos at the same time.

Packaging and receipt

All specialty store packaging, including: paper bags, cartons, dust bags and product cards (if any), will be delivered in full. The receipt will be a photocopied receipt (with personal information deleted) or a gift receipt (Gift Receipt). Note: Different specialty stores or department stores may have different packaging and receipts.

Photocopying the receipt or gift voucher will not affect the global warranty.

Shipping and delivery

Shipments from the UK or Europe to Hong Kong will be shipped by companies such as DHL/Fedex/Royal Mail. In Hong Kong, it is shipped by SF Express or Hong Kong Post. The product price includes all the above shipping costs.

Products will arrive in Hong Kong approximately 7-10 days after ordering (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). If there is a shortage or ordering time is required, we will notify you separately. SF Express will ship it within 3 days after arriving in Hong Kong. The SF Express address can be your residential address/SF Express delivery station/smart cabinet.

After the product is shipped, the customer will receive two tracking numbers. The first one is usually DHL Tracking (UK to Hong Kong), and the second one is SF Tracking (Hong Kong company to the designated address). Please note that emails may be sent to spam mailboxes.

** If there are problems with customs inspection or shipping company, the delivery time will be delayed, and colleagues will notify you separately.

** If you need express delivery, you can choose DHL UK direct mail, which will arrive in Hong Kong in about 3-4 days. Additional charges are required, and you can check directly on WhatsApp .

Mainland/Macau/Taiwan/Overseas Orders

Guests need to pay additional shipping costs and country taxes. You can choose DHL UK direct mail or EMS shipping with tracking number. Please Whatsapp for shipping costs .


If you choose face-to-face delivery, a colleague will contact you when the product arrives in Hong Kong. The settlement location will be Exit A of Central MTR Station/Exit A1 of Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station/Exit C of Kwai Fong MTR Station. Time: Monday to Friday after 18:00, or Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

After-sales service and global maintenance

LondonKelly provides purchasing services. We have no direct contact with local manufacturers and therefore cannot provide after-sales service for the products you receive. Big brands such as Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton can provide after-sales service in any store around the world. However, availability may vary depending on the scope of after-sales service, and the global warranty policies of other brands also change regularly, so when you need after-sales service, you need to check with the Hong Kong store.

Photocopying receipts or gift vouchers will not affect the maintenance service.

payment method

Payment methods include Faster Payment System (FPS), bank transfer, Payme, credit card or Paypal. There will be a 3% credit card and Paypal 3.9% handling fee, which are non-refundable. 

product price

The product price includes all fees, credit card processing fees, postage (UK to Hong Kong and Hong Kong SF charges) and face-to-face delivery in Hong Kong.

Ordering Products

LondonKelly All products for sale are ordered and purchased in the UK and European countries in brand boutiques and department stores, official websites, selected online/offline stores and brand discount stores (in the case of direct sales products).
Depending on local store conditions, items may be sold out, arrive late, or have waiting periods that may result in order cancellations. After ordering, product prices may change due to sudden exchange rate fluctuations and price increases in local European stores, which may require additional payment.

Returns and exchanges

If the order cannot be successfully placed due to out-of-stock or sold-out products, we will notify you as soon as possible and refund the entire amount. After placing an order on the website, you can change the style or cancel the order before the store staff makes the purchase. After the product is purchased, refunds will not be accepted for personal reasons. All goods are non-returnable and non-refundable upon delivery. If there are obvious problems after receiving the goods (excluding human damage), please contact us within 3 days to deal with it. Overdue orders will not be accepted. Note: mostThe unique natural characteristics of the material will not be considered defects (leather texture, slight color difference, compression, scratches, adhesive marks) even in stores. It is recommended that those who have perfect ideas go to a specialized store to purchase by themselves. For details, please browse here .

shopping process

Returns and exchanges

Return & Refund Return and exchange

If the product cannot be successfully ordered due to out-of-stock or sold out, we will notify you as soon as possible and refund the entire amount. After placing an order on the website, you can change the style or cancel the order before the store staff makes the purchase. After the product is purchased, refunds will not be accepted for personal reasons. All goods are non-returnable and non-refundable upon delivery. If there are obvious problems after receiving the goods (excluding human damage), please contact us within 3 days to deal with it. Overdue orders will not be accepted.

  • Items available for return and exchange:
    • The goods received do not match the goods ordered
    • The item received was damaged.
  • Items not accepted for return or exchange:
    • There are no boxes, labels, and the contents of the goods are missing (all accessories and packaging must be consistent with the ones received when returned)
    • Personal reasons of the customer, e.g. buying the wrong style, color or not liking the actual product, etc.
    • Goods damaged after use
    • Some items marked as not offering return service

If the goods are damaged or mismatched during transportation,sign, pleaseYou must take photos of the goods and notify us. Returns can be made only after our confirmation. If payment is made via credit card / Paypal, the handling fee is non-refundable.

LONDONKELLY reserves the right to modify all terms of replacement goods without prior notice, and reserves the right to refuse replacement goods. In case of any disputes, LONDONKELLY reserves the right to make the final decision.

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BRAND brand

PRODUCT NAME product name
LOEWE Small Cubi Bag | Loewe Cubi Handbag (Small Size/Multicolor)

**It takes time to purchase this special product, After placing the order it will be approx.2-4Delivery at Hong Kong on Monday.**

*This product is a popular product, and specialty stores are often out of stock. Purchasing on behalf of others takes time, and it takes about 1-4 weeks to arrive in Hong Kong for delivery *

PRODUCT INFO Product information
loewe gloves
Anagram leather design, can be worn on the shoulder or in the hand, suitable for multiple casual occasions.
Shoulder or hand carry
Adjustable shoulder strap
Zip closure with calfskin pull Interior slip pocket
Herringbone cotton canvas lining
Embossed Anagram

Jacquard Calf

SIZE size
17 X 20.5 X 12.5 CM

WHAT IS INCLUDED Products include
Products will be purchased at specialty stores/official website/HARRODS/SELFRIDGES
Packaging and receipts may vary when purchased from different stores.
After purchasing, the entire package will be sent together with a paper bag (if provided)

Products are handmade and sizes may vary slightly.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWINGS Please read the following in detail:
All product photos may vary in color due to camera/computer/phone display
The actual product will prevail.
For more product information, please refer to the brand’s official website.
Products cannot be canceled or refunded after purchase, please consider carefully before purchasing.

After placing an order for the product, our store will go to a specialized store to purchase it.
When purchasing, we will check to ensure that there is no problem with the product.
In addition, the products will be photographed/filmed before being sent out in the UK.
Will be passed to the customer as a purchase record
After purchase, it will be consolidated with other products and shipped to Hong Kong for delivery as soon as possible.
Normally, it will take about 5-14 days to arrive at Hong Kong for delivery/ SF free shipping

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Hello Mei Ling, 好開心你滿意我哋既服務呀! Enjoy your new bag and see you next time

Love the bag

Very nice bag and timely response . Responsible seller !

Hello Evie, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us the review! Enjoy your new bag and hope to see you soon again!